P.T Bank Internasional Indonesia

How to make complaint

Complaints may be received in the following forms:

You may call on +230 210 6365 and ask for the Complaint Officer. If complaint has not been solved on the spot, the Complaint Officer may ask you to send the complaint in writing.

You may send an email on biimrt.intnet.mu to the attention of the Complaint Officer.

You may fax your complaint on +230 210 5458 to the attention of the Complaint Officer.

If Customer decides to send complaint by post, he should send the letter of the following address, with attention to the Complaints Officer:

P.T Bank Internasional Indonesia
5th Floor Barkly Wharf
Caudan Waterfront
Port Louis

Face to Face
You may also have the possibility to make a face to face complaint. However if complaint has not been solved on the spot, the Complaint Officer may ask You to send the Complaint in writing.

Complaints Box
You may also come to the registered office of BII, situated at 5th Floor Barkly Wharf, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius to drop their Complaint in the Complaint Box available at the reception of the Bank or make use of the e-complaint box. Anonymous Complaints are usually of criminal origin. Hence, anonymous complaints will not be handled by the Bank and same may be referred to the police.

Responding to Complaint

Once we received your complaint, within 3 Days you shall receive and acknowledgement where you may find the name, job title and contact details of the person handling the complaint. Hence, after investigation a bank officer shall inform you by letter, email or fax the output of your complaint.

Unresolved Complaint

In case you are not satisfied with the reply provided to you by the Bank, or you do not receive a reply from BII within 3 months as from the date of your complaint, you may refer your complaint to the First Deputy Governor (FDG) Bank of Mauritius. The Complaint to the FDG should specify the nature of your complaint and the redress sought for and the reasons for your dissatisfaction dully accompanied by the following documents:

• A copy of the complaint made to BII Mauritius;
• A copy of the reply made by BII Mauritius (if any); and
• Any other document or information which may be of relevance to the complaint.


Please send your complaints in our e-complaint box and we will revert back to you